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Centro Ganadero Chinea


Cattle Ownership Agreement of the "Chinea Arriba" Ranch cause impact on investors!
Just as in other Latin American countries, like Uruguay and Argentina, not to mention North America's Chicago Cattle Exchange, investors now have the opportunity to buy their share of Venezuela's cattle, without ever having to step on a ranch.
Investing in Venezuela's Livestock Market,
The best decision !


The concept, of course, is that of future selling. You buy your steer today, at today's prices. In due time, after fattening, you sell your steer at tomorrow's prices, with more weight on and at a higher price. If you compare Venezuela's meat prices of yesterday with to-day's prices, you know there is only one way they go, and this is "up"!.


Mr. Francisco Leitz, of Swiss-German origin, president of Chinea Arriba Cattle Center, manages a sophisticated cattle ranch, located some 200 miles south of Caracas on the State of Guarico, close by the city of Calabozo, famous for its extensive irrigation system, largest of South America. The ranch has an extension of 3.000 hectares (7.500 acres). His Brahman cross-bred steers have yielded an annual average profit of 35% to 60% to investors. This Venezuelan cattle is raised naturally on nourishing pasture, mainly made up of up of Echinochloa polistachya and Cynodon plectostachyum grass. Here's how Mr. Leitz explains the benefits of the cattle certificates, issued by his Chinea Arriba ranch: "The purchase of a certificate means the purchase of a specific young steer of cross-bred creole race, weighing between 150 to 350 kg. This animal is of good health, branded, and insured against a wide range of risks, inclunding death, illness, accident and theft. The certificate indicates full ownership by the buyer over the specific animal during the validity of the certificate. At its maturity date, the steer is sold. In the meantime, the steer has been taken care of a fattened at Chinea Arriba ranch.


When sold, the holder of the Agreement receives 100% of the initial purchase price, plus currently 30% of the different between the initial price and the final sales price. The remaining 70% is paid to Chinea Arriba to cover expenses incurred for feeding, health care and general overhead".


Unlike other speculative investments, risks here are kept to an absolute minimun. Loss by theft of death of the animal is covered by an insurance policy, with the backing of an internacionally reconized insurance company. The only real risk would be a drop  in meat prices on the Venezuelan market, a highly unlikely possibility.

Non-residents and foreigners are also invited to invest in Venezuela's cattle market. You are free to visit the ranch, admire the impressive scenery and personally inspect the steer you're about to buy.




If interested, please contact:
Main office:
Phones: +58 (2) 781.96.84 / 781.42.41 
 Telefax: +58 (2) 793.21.91  
Hato Chinea Arriba, vía Paso del Caballo, Km 9, Calabozo, Edo. Guárico-Venezuela.
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VENAMCHAM, Cámara Venezolana Americana de Comercio